Surf & Stillwell 2

by Badlands Booker

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released June 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Badlands Booker New York, New York

What's good everyone.This is the official Music and Merch page of Major League Eater & Rap Performer Eric "Badlands" Booker. A 20 year speed sating icon ranked #16 worldwide by MLE. As seen on ESPN, CBS, NBC, ABC,FOX, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Last Call w/ Carson Daly, Wife Swap, and many ,many more! Thanks to all the fans for your support folks & remember, Whatever you do in life, stay Hungry & Focused ... more

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Track Name: Peoples Champ w/ Sam Barclay
Peoples Champ f/ Sam Barclay


I say one for the mic,
2 for the fork and knife
3 for the pad and pen I use to scribe rhymes rigjt
4,5 the way I fire words straight at your brain
Like a missile never a drizzle man I shower like rain

Torrential, all I need is a mic and a instrumental,
To spray from the extastental man yknow the mental
Something vibrant, flowing like water from a hydrant
Without a sprinkler cap yeah forceful like that

Street style poems I scribe without a thesaurus
So forceful and loud you think I was a chorus
Transcribing my thoughts thru a pen since I was 11
And rocking these eating crowds since 1997

Word up, I got what it takes to pursue this
got what it takes to keep doing this
Plus I got staying power, got what it takes to straight devour
Do what I came to do then party, give in to defeat man, hardly
Hungry and focused the hashtag fore I go peace to Sam BARCLAY
Track Name: I Live On Coney Island
Live On Coney Island
written By Badlands Booker

-do you know where, I live,
-independence day, July 4th
-I'm in Brooklyn, new York
-feet in the sand, by the boardwalk

-I'm by the boardwalk, right next to the sea
-here at coney island where it's at homie
-rain or shine, on the 4th is where I'll be
-you can even write a letter endorsed to me

-send it to thirteen, ten, Surf av baby
-corner of Stillwell, ain't no maybe
-I'll be there to open it on Independence day
-Coneys the place to be, Coney is where I stay

-I'm like the Warrior, fresh off the subway
-3 bottles clanging ,it's time to play
-my hunger growls, focus locked,
-Rome(roam) like Italy, but on the 4th where I stop.
Coney Island

-Over a decade on the circuit I'm a rolling Stone,
-wherever I lay my fitted cap, yo that is my home
-Labor Day I'm up in Buffalo winging it bro
-mardi gras king cake without the baby yall

-I eat asparagus, corn, gyoza,
-I scrape and stack plates till time is over
-but on the 4th of July, I'm on my Nathan’s game
-here in Coney Island eating for fortune and fame

-at the super bowl of ce, this is it
-masters of mastication the first class trip
-styling profiling, live on Coney Island yo
-you don't know better ask your phone

-super bowl of competitive eating, this is it
-masters of mastication the first class trip
-styling profiling, live on Coney Island yo
-don't know better ask your phone
Track Name: Bodhizafa w/ George Shea
Bodhizafa Of The Game

-The Bodhizafa, big bopper, lyrical Dali Lama
-Don dada, not from Harlem but a Globetrotter
-I'm just a modern savage, searching for the ultimate ride
- ultimate high, by my side, ultimate ride or die

-and ay ya ya. Been round the world like Lisa stans
-field of dreams, big city lights, I've been everywhere like Johnny Cash
-since the back of the bus it's a must I daze and astound
-so several times out of the month I'm 30 thou from the ground

-Flying over them things you store your files on
-hot towel, for the face and hands, before we land, and then it's on
-lead footing them Tracy Chapmans, y'know them fast cars
-down the freeway bumping illmatic, NASCAR

-revving a baad man wagon, adrenaline thru my veins
-like I got a go pro strapped to my helmet, jumping outta propeller planes
I'm out there like Pluto, I'm 30 seconds from Mars
-Badlands, Bodhizafa, shine like the moon, hang amongst stars

Verse 2

-when it comes to Nathan’s no time for play only time to grind
-as the pilot opens the flaps, I open my mind
-think about the win and the journey it took to get here
-thanking God for the will to win and the will to prepare

-cause every battle is won before the battles fought
-and winners take the necessary steps that the losers don't
-and since it's days away to my super bowl
-I'm walking thru the airport, Hungry, Focused on my super goal

-I get my baggage, riding thru traffic
-arrive at the w, valet automatic
-check in, give them my card for incidentals
-pick up my shirt, per diem and show credentials

-at the mandatory meeting still jet lagged
-insert my room key and on my bed is a swag bag
-fulla Nathan’s stuff, but at the moment I cant
-go through it cause I'm hitting the sack, so I can wake up to catch the bus of Champs
Track Name: Bus Of Champions
Written By Badlands Booker


-every meal is a banquet
-every paycheck a fortune
-red eye on the G6
-from LA to Boston

-limo right next to the jet
-as I step off the flight
-sipping Fiji water heading to the W,
-huh, my everyday life

-yeah, not quite, but you could find me at the W
-New York City, across from the Waldorf
-early morning of July 4
-feeling like the Biz Markie, going off

-dipped in that official Nathan’s brand
-Uncle Sam, with a Coney dog in his hand
-Badlands headphones sounding crystal clear
-If only you can hear what I hear with your ears


-I'm walking to the bus of Champions
-like an astronaut walking to the space shuttle
-beverage in hand, it ain't no Tang,
-ain't no thang, I'm amped baby simple and plain

-I got the right stuff baby, nothing trival or silly
-feeling like one of the Heavenly Chillbilles
-Rockstar status, tell me who's the baddest
-man that ever did it, Badlands period

-stepping on the bus
-like Ickey Woods stepping into Whole Foods trying to get some cold cuts
-I'm far from beginner, I'm badder and bigger
-keep the sprinkles on the ice cream, sprinkles are for winners

-and only winners get to ride the bus
-you can't pay a fare, it's reserved for us
-those who bled, sweat, and cried, qualified
-get ESPN filming you walking off live

Track Name: As Seen On TV
As Seen on TV


-I'm back to breathe into the mic again
-open ya ears like lungs and inhale friends
-As it comes through the speakers, monster tracks man, creature features
-lyrics that fry mics, Arthur Treaters

-my Eats and Rhymes, cookbooks open,
-pages dipped in Sriracha, recipes hot, potent
-intelligence quotient as an emcee
-equivalent to a ivy league graduee, Magna Cum Laude

-smart as a whip, Indiana Jones,
-adventurous lyrics, hear it, feel it in ya bones
-devour haters Craig Mack style, Sizzlean
-they fit inside my stomach with the eggs and grits between

-Digest, let off steam, my ingestion engines
-like a Chevy with a HEMI, heavy, constantly revving
-holding a fork, knife, M. I. C.
-Is Badlands aka As Seen on TV


-Yes I seen him on the TV
-On the big and the small screen
-On the Net where Badlands be
-AKA As Seen on TV


-Yo I'm Mr. Bad, bad, bbbbbbad
-lands booker spitting Rhymes from the pen and the pad
-that I scribble like Crayola, ayatollah of rock and roll a
-Volatile like a can of soda

-shook, opened and drank, I am a risk taker
-tracks make ya girl bring her milk & her rump shaker
-to my yard, I'm nice with this mic
-OK Hip Hop Beats, the soundtrack to my life

-match the styles I juggle, fit like a puzzle man, Tetris
-not an apprentice, doing this since days of Vetrex
-Intellivision, Atari,
-genetics and upbringing to rock a party

-Badlands of Jamaica Queens, born bred, the emcee
-Master of ceremonies damn right, watch me
-Eat, drink more than most people have dreamed
-like an infomercial, QVC, as seen on TV


Track Name: Imdabaddestmandatevadidit

-ay yall look at me
-look at me, won't you tell me what you see
-Badlands, bad bad bad mother
-straight from Jamaica Queens, New York brother

-paid the cost to be the boss, years driving down this lane
-like a tailgate, this is how we pre game
-like saying grace right before we eat man
-words sacred, ladies shake it

-back it up and dump it, get low, on the double
-to the left, to the left man, cupid shuffle
-fellas do ya 2 step, yo it ain't hard
-yo you ain't Chris Brown, this ain't Dancing with the Stars

-you ain't gotta go all out, just vibe with ya lady
-looking so good like a brand new Mercedes
-yeah I know you like it, wanna test drive it
-so don't stop get it, I'm the baddest that ever did it

-I'm the baddest man that eva did it

-Yo, I'm not the best, not the worst, don't always come in first
-but can converse a verse that shocks the universe
-disperse without a curse, have mom dig in her purse
-and spend the 99 on a badlands rhyme why?

-I'm super bad like the 70`s without the fro
Aromatic, freshly dipped from head to toe
-I live hip hop, rap old school flow
-Eric Badlands Booker, act like you know

-stay Hungry stay Focused man, that's a fact
-Eating good in every neighborhood on the map
-rhyme ready when they pass me a mic to rock
-From Coney Island to the NASCAR skybox

-with the strategy to plan a winning outcome
-the capacity to scrape my plate, and some
-got the stamina to go on
-plus that Will Smith focus man, Baddest man, bar none
Track Name: Franksters Paradise
Franksters Paradise
Written By Badlands Booker & Jill Bramwell

-As I eat all the hot dogs at the eating contest
-I take a look at the clock, and realize no time left
-Cuz I've been eating and feeding so long that
-Even my stomach thinks that my mind is gone 

-But I ain't never crossed a dog that didn't deserve it
-Eat a dog without a bun, u know that's unheard of
-U better watch how u eatin and what u drinkin
-Or u might be toast while ur grillin them buns

-I really hate to stop but I gotta loc
-later on, I see myself on the toilet bowl, fool
-I'm the kinda G my little homies wanna be like
-On my feet in the night eatin franks in the streetlight. 

Been spendin' most my live,
livin' in a franksta’s paradise

-Hot dog and the bun, bun in my hand 
-Eating so much,  I can’t even stand,
-ESPN watching, but half of them ain’t lookin’
-What’s going on in my tummy, full from frankfurter cooking  

-They told me stay hungry but my bowel’s gotta empty
-If I can't find a toilet, how can I MC?
-I guess they can't, I guess they won't
-I guess they front, that's why I know my life is out of luck, fool