We Here For That G​.​Y​.​O​.​ZA!

by Badlands Booker

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Do you know what a Gyoza is? Well, it's a little Japanese dumpling stuffed with chicken or veggies also known as Potstickers! Every year during the 3rd week in August, Competitive eaters from far and wide come to Little Tokyo in LA to see how many of these they can devour in 8 minutes! This song pays homage to the eating event.


We Here for That G. Y. O. Z. A
By Eric Badlands Booker

-I look forward to the 8 month of the year
-when i pack my bags, and catch a flight to where?
-(west coast), JFK to LAX
-6 hour, Mint seat, flight man, no stress

-Touchdown, ready to bring it on, since day I was born
-stomach growling, Gyoza you have been warned
-I brought my mic, my fork and knife, and appetite
-ABC to TMZ's Here, were on TV tonite

-but enough of that, time to get focused back
-it's time to wear my game face, eat gyoza by the pack
-The hour to devor for fortune and fames
-upon us and its time to graze


-when me and the Gyozas meet that's when it's time to eat
-more than the last time, now is the time to shine
-How do I do it? develop a rhythm
-eat to a rhythm, Gyozas what I filling

-Up in my stomach, devour by the hundreds
-eyes on the title, so every bites vital
-If I eat strong and chew long
-The whole ten minutes, then I'm in it to win it

-Then after the winner gets the red robe
-Then it's time to switch to after party mode
-karaoke to kouraku, everything in between
-more than a contest, it's more like a dream


-In the streets of LA, (Little Tokyo)
-Californ I A
-it's 12 o clock on a Saturday (what we here for?)
-we here for that G, Y, O, Z, A

-we here for that G, Y, O, Z, A
-we do it for the money & the glory & the fame
-we doing it for nisei week all day
-and when it's time to eat the potstickers I say (they are)

-So good, so good
Real good, Real good
-Taste good, Taste good
Mmmm good, Mmmm good

-So good, So good
Real good, real good
-Taste good, taste good
Gyoza, Gyoza


released August 10, 2018
We Here for That G. Y. O. Z. A
Gyoza Rap 2.
Recorded at the Badlands Trophy Room, Selden NY
©2018 Hungry and Focused Entertainment


all rights reserved



Badlands Booker New York, New York

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